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compared to a typical 6% FEE charged

on a $200,000 home.  




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I'll Sell Your Home for 0% Commission & Cash Back Realty

         MOVING JUST GOT EASIER !!  Our Real Estate services are very different then the tradational big box franchise companies. We can structure a listing program that works best for YOU.  As an Independent Real Estate Agent with one of the largest independent Real Estate Broker's in Texas, I give all of the unnecessary overhead cost savings back to YOU.   ZERO COMMISSION 0% MLS Listings when you buy thru me or our Guaranteed Sold in 60 Days or we sell it for FREE. Both FULL SERVICE MLS Listing programs allow you to keep more of your equity and your money. Please contact me and I will explain all various types of real estate commission structures and then YOU DECIDE if you want a ZERO!! commission rate or my Guaranteed Sold in 60 Days.   Our Full Service MLS listing and marketing programs are designed to generate the Maximum Sales Price of your home. We list your home on the hundreds of SAME syndication of web sites, just like the big box franchise companies do; without all the wasted cost. Paying 6% commission will not sell your home any faster.  My several years of Real Estate experience and millions of dollars in sales has allowed me to offer several individualized cost saving real estate programs for Buyer's & Seller's, just like you.    Get Started Today!!  Let us help you save tons of  YOUR  $$ MONEY $$.

         The bottom line is  "I Love Saving You Money!!" 



     Serving Texas with over 350 Realtors





Are you thinking about building or buying a brand new home? By allowing us to assist you in your new home purchase you can receive a Rebate for up to $10,000 !! I have a great new home rebate program to help put some $ CASH $ back into your pocket.

In this age of internet technology 95% of buyers of new homes do much of the research and legwork themselves, and don't feel the need or value to use an agent. I understand this, and I am willing to Pay  You for all of your hard work. How’s that for added value!

So here is how it works!  Builders are willing to pay for you to use a real estate agent when purchasing a home and most builders actually prefer when you have an agent. A buyers agent commission is INCLUDED in the price of every new home in Texas, whether you use an agent or not! New home builders compensate real estate agents from this already built-in advertising cost.



This is where we come in! We will PAY YOU a  1% $$CASH$$ Rebate just for using us as your agent!! This is Free money just for allowing us to help you negotiate the best possible deal.  We are with you through the entire process and help make the deal go as smoothly as possible. The Rebate is paid to you at closing and can be used to purchase Additional home upgrades,Appliances, Closing Cost, Brand new furniture, Professional WORRY FREE movers, Reduce your monthly mortgage payment, take a much deserved Family Vacation, Relocation cost or whatever your heart desires.

Three things you must remember if you are buying a home!

1. Due to the Fair Housing Act, it is unlawful for a builders to negotiate a buyers agents commission off the price of a home or change the terms of the sale in any way. Again, they will NOT negotiate it off the price of the home. Even if they did would you know if this was their lowest sales price or their best deal ??

2. The builders salesperson and site agents are employees ofthe builder and look out for their best interests! Why not have somebody looking out for yours? I have worked with virtually every major builder in North Texas, and am familiar with virtually every ones policies and reputations, as well as their communities and amenities.  

3. A buyers agents commission is built in the price of every new home, and will not effect the price of your new home in any way! Why give this money back to the builder? "If you don't take it, they just keep it for themselves"

I will help you negotiate the best possible price, guide and assist you through every step of your new home process and fully represent you and your best interest. I will show you all the homes and builders, get you familiarized with the area, assist you in the construction process, financing, design, you name it! Based on my knowledge of the area and my negotiating skills, I can typically save you a small fortune in the process as well. True "Full Service", and I’ll pay YOU!

I am VERY familiar with virtually every builder in North Texas. I keep floor plans, community information, and pricing for virtually every neighborhood, so you will not have to go from community to community to find the right home and the right location for you! 

It is always important to have an agent who will work to protect your interests in one of the biggest investments of your lifetime. Sound to good to be true? It isn't! In order to receive your new home CASH REBATE, Just click the Contact Us button,fill out the form below, or give me a call 817-437-8078 to discuss how I may be able to serve you in all of your Real Estate needs. 


                    Purchase Price                 Your Cash Back                  

                         $150,000                                                $1,500

                         $200,000                                                $2,000

                         $300,000                                                $3,000

                         $400,000                     $4,000

                         $500,000                                               $5,000

                         $1,000,000                                            $10,000

Don’t flush  FREE MONEY  down the toilet!



Terms and conditions, limited time offer. Rebates may require mortgage company approval.  

   Instead: Purchase additional home upgrades, finally a HUGE flat screen TV, Brand new furniture, Professional WORRY FREE movers, Reduce your monthly mortgage payment, take a much deserved Family VACATION, Relocation cost or whatever your heart desires.

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Whether you are planning to buy your first home or sell your existing home, contact us today! 

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Style New Traditional
Type Residential
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Type Residential
25 photos
Size 4168 sq. ft.
Type Residential
2 photos
Size 3648 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
2 photos
Size 3480 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
2 photos
Size 3338 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
2 photos
Size 3338 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
2 photos
Size 3249 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
36 photos
Size 3847 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
2 photos
Size 3190 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
23 photos
Size 4007 sq. ft.
Type Residential
36 photos
Size 3728 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
35 photos
Size 3527 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
36 photos
Size 3444 sq. ft.
Style New Traditional
Type Residential
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